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Parenting is one of the toughest, and most rewarding, challenges any of us experience; and it's so much more of a challenge if your relationship breaks down. Co-parent coaching helps you find new ways to work together, communicate, and resolve conflicts over shared parenting.

Cynthia Bacheller

Hi, I'm Cynthia

Every day I help parents who are going through a divorce or separation, or figuring their life out after one, to continue working together as co-parents of their children, even where communication and trust has broken down completely. 


What really matters is that you both still want to be a major part of your children's lives, and make a co-parenting relationship work so that they have the best possible outcomes; there is always room to create communication and co-operation when everyone is working for it.


Some parents come to me after months, even years, of trying to make it work themselves, others first get in contact some time before they get divorced, to start making a co-parenting plan for their children as soon as possible. 


Millions of parents go through the process of putting together a co-parenting relationship, but co-parent coaching and classes are still quite a new service, and many people don't realize that there is help available. From providing information on the impacts to children to facilitating conversations and organizing support groups with others going through the same experience; co-parent coaches like me can help make the whole process a little bit easier, and a lot less stressful.


It's easy to get the process started; book a complimentary 30 minute co-parenting consultation today.

Tailored coaching, support groups and co-parenting classes

There are lots of ways to start the process, and lots of help and sharing of resources to be found in support groups with other parents going through the same experiences; there's no need to feel isolated or alone in going through this uniquely challenging life experience.

Virtual support groups for co-parents

Sometimes all you need is an opportunity to talk to someone else sharing the same experience as you. Whether you're struggling with an ex who always seems to create conflict, worried about a new partner and how you can keep everyone happy, or you're beginning a partnership with someone who is co-parenting and are confused as to how you fit in as a member of the step-family, one of The Co-Parent Coach support groups could be just the help you need.


In Florida and many other states, family courts require parents with children under the age of 18 to complete an introductory, Department of Children and Families approved, co-parenting class before the divorce is finalized. Held virtually over Zoom for your convenience, the class ensures you understand some of the challenges ahead and make a strong start in establishing a co-parenting plan for when your divorce is completed.

There is help for divorced parents to create the best outcomes for everyone.

Years ago when I first met my now ex-husband, I watched him and his ex struggle to work out the co-parenting for their young daughter. They both wanted to make it work but finding the tools they needed to communicate and collaborate was tough, and there really were no services at the time to help them. I wished every day for an easier process, for there to be some support and advice for both of them; and for me as an often-confused stepparent finding my place in everything!

Eventually we all did manage to find some help and advice, and I started working as a co-parent coach not long after so that I could use my experience to help others going through the process. From the complexities of communicating and decision making after a relationship has broken down, to understanding and dealing with all the stresses and confusions of the legal system; it's so easy to be overwhelmed, but support is now much easier to find.

Research into the impacts of separation and divorce on children has shown that the best outcomes for children happen when their parents can make shared parenting work. Keeping them away from conflict and letting them see you're both working together for them keeps all the most important bonds of family together for them emotionally, and no matter how difficult it might seem to get there, with a little help, and willingness from both of you, you can do it.

The first hurdle is always looking for some help, and we work with co-parents across the Tampa area as well as Florida and the wider US; get in contact anytime to learn more about how The Co-Parent Coach can support you both through the experience or book an introductory co-parenting consultation today.  

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Image by Matt Botsford


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