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One of the most complicated parts of going through a separation or divorce can be establishing a new parenting relationship that respects the needs of all parties. Transitioning from a single unit in the same household to separate co-parents in separate households is often challenging and uncomfortable. The Co-Parent Coach works with clients to overcome these challenges and shift toward a more cooperative approach that makes co-parenting easier.


We offer the following Co-parent coaching services:

  • Communication Skills Development  

  • Child-focused Communication Maintenance

  • Crisis or Issue-specific Conflict Resolution 


Some of the skills we will focus on include:

  • Improved communication: Practice communication skills that are solution-focused and child-centered

  • Control techniques: Master consistent and situational meditation skills, the stop-listen-and-breathe technique, self-talk, and other techniques useful for communicating in challenging or provocative situations

  • Cooperative and/or parallel parenting: Work together to achieve either consistency across households to improve stability for your shared child(ren) OR a respect for "your house, your rules" as a means to limit the negative impact of conflict on your shared child(ren)

  • Conversation rehearsal: Ease your nerves by identifying safe, drama-free parties and environments with whom and in which you can practice difficult conversations

We help our clients develop, practice, and maintain skills that allow them to have a more healthy and effective co-parenting relationship. The first step is realizing that co-parenting is something that you have to continue to work at. It is not something you fix once and leave alone, rather, a successful co-parent relationship requires upkeep. 

Classes [Court-required Divorce Course]

Before obtaining a divorce, the state of Florida requires parents to attend a Divorce Class when they have children under the age of 18. You will be required to take a co-parenting course within 45 days of filing for divorce, and you will not be able to finalize your divorce until you receive a certificate of completion. In addition to basic information on filing for divorce, attendees will learn about the impact that divorce can have on a family and how to best handle issues that come up. 

Topics addressed during the co-parenting course include: 

  • Effects of divorce on the family

  • How children react emotionally and behaviorally to divorce

  • Strategies for decreasing parental conflict and recognizing stress indicators in children

  • Creating a healthy dual-home environment

  • Putting the needs of children first and keeping them out of parental conflict

  • Balancing financial responsibility between both parties

Virtual Support Groups

A common experience we notice with our clients is the isolation they feel. And it's no wonder when you look at the statistics! 

The Stepfamily Foundation uses the data from The US Bureau of Census to paint a clear picture of how stepfamilies are not addressed, assessed, or counted. At the moment this content is being written for this website (January 2020), a quick IMDb keyword search for "stepfamily" returned only 28 hits in film while keyword searches for words like "family" and "marriage" returned 10,000 and more! Many of these films and shows just barely scrape the surface regarding the unique needs and complexities of the stepfamily.

If you're feeling alone in your co-parenting struggles and wondering how others cope with the daily challenges that come with co-parenting with an ex, support groups can help to reduce this feeling of isolation. Support groups provide the opportunity to connect and learn from others going through similar experiences. These groups are facilitated by a credentialed and trained group leader who suggests topics, keeps the group focused, uses thoughtful questions to enrich the experience, and maintains an emotionally safe environment.

If you're feeling alone in your experience and/or role, The Co-Parent Coach currently offers COVID-19 safe (virtual) support groups for the following topics:

  • Co-parenting with a difficult or high-conflict ex - this support group is ideal for those feeling like they are "damned if they do, damned if they don't." Participants in this group tend to have co-parents who do some or all of the following:

    • Break or undermine agreements that were made (seemingly intentionally)

    • Avoid discussing things that matter to you

    • Threaten to "take you back to court" whenever you don't go along with their wants/demands

    • Constantly try to change plans or create conflict over what seems to be a small issue to you

    • Put the child(ren) in the middle 

    • Seem to be competing for the child(ren)'s love

    • Make the child(ren) feel bad when they have fun when in your care

  • Navigating life as a step (a partner of someone with kids) - this support group is ideal for a step parent (or unmarried partner of someone with kids) who is trying to figure out how to establish themselves within a stepfamily. Participants in this group tend to express some of these feelings:

    • Confusion and fear about over stepping 

    • Frustration with having a lot of responsibility yet very limited, if any, authority 

    • Stress and discomfort from being made out to be the wicked stepparent

    • Exhaustion from trying to please everyone

  • Co-parenting with an ex while supporting your current partner - this support group is ideal for parents who feel like they are overwhelmed with keeping a harmonious relationship with their current partner and their co-parent. This group is for parents who can relate with the following:

    • Feeling like you are always letting someone down no matter what you do

    • Feeling as though you are so busy trying to keep the peace with all of the other parents, it seems impossible to make the kids the priority they should be 

    • Feeling exhausted, guilty, stressed, and overwhelmed most of the time