Separating or divorcing from your child’s co-parent can be an immensely complicated and stressful process. Even if you’re not married to your co-parent, many of the legal steps are similar to the divorce process.The legal system can be confusing and expensive, and the experience is often overwhelming —especially when combined with all the changes that your family is experiencing. When I went through my own divorce, as well as when I supported my husband as he fought to maintain equal timeshare with his youngest daughter, I wished for an easier, less contentious, and less expensive way to establish a parenting plan. Because of these experiences, I decided to leave my previous career in higher education and become a provider of the services I wish had been available for me and my spouse.


Because I know just how helpful it is to have someone who can navigate you through uncharted territory and be by your side every step of the way, my goal is to support you and your family as you create a new foundation for parenting with your ex and thereby ease some of the mental and financial tolls that divorce & separation can have on families. 


If you and your co-parent are committed to reducing the financial and emotional impact of separation on yourselves and your children, co-parent coaching might be a great fit for you! If this sounds like you and your co-parent: CONGRATULATIONS! You are already most of the way to creating a successful foundation for your new family structure.


To help change the face of divorce, I created The Co-Parent Coach to provide services to streamline the process and set you up for long-term co-parenting success. Even better, if your divorce is uncontested and we are able to mediate a parenting plan together, I have partnered with attorney affiliates who can even file your parenting plan for you - saving you a lot of money in what would have gone to attorney’s fees.






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