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Co-Parent Coaching

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Ongoing co-parent coaching tailored to your family in Chicago

There is no one-size approach to supporting co-parents, and our coaching courses are built around each unique relationship and family, helping you deal with each disagreement and complication you encounter.

It's a huge change for everyone shifting from a single-family unit in one home, to shared parenting across a dual-home environment after a divorce, or a separation even if you aren't married. Finding a way to establish a new parenting relationship in Chicago when it's hard communicating with each other, and everyone's concerned for how the children are feeling, is one of the most complicated and difficult parts of a divorce.


Increasingly, divorcing partners in Chicago are starting to look for support and help achieving that difficult balance before they start the divorce process, but it's never too late to start the process, even if you've already struggled for some time to work it out, as long as both of you want to make it work, it can with the help of an experienced coach to work with you both.


From helping to resolve conflicts and crises, to developing new communication strategies, and keeping that communication going wherever your children are concerned, the coaching will help you find those connecting points, keep your children shielded from conflict, and ensure they have constant contact with both of you.

If both of you are ready, you can get started today; book a complimentary 30 minute co-parent coaching consultation today.

co-parent coach in florida

What does co-parent coaching involve and cover?

Our coaching is tailored towards working with both parents at the same time; sometimes this can be tough, but the best results always come when you can be in the room together. Coaching is carried out online so it's easy to fit in around work and other commitments, and all that's really needed is for both of you to be focused on making the process work for your children. Coaching can include;

  • Working on solution-focused and child-centred communication with each other

  • Mastering mediation skills, and techniques like stop-listen-and-breathe, or self-talk, to help you keep communicating even in challenging or provocative situations

  • Co-operative and parallel parenting; working together to create consistency across a dual-home family and a respect for each other's home rules, helping create a stable, conflict-free environment for your children

  • Finding friends to help; you may already have them, or can find them through a support group, but it really helps to have drama-free people to practice communication and conflict-resolution with

Co-parenting does get easier as you keep moving forward, but it's something that both of you always must work at, and the sooner you can master skills like these, the sooner the stress starts lifting for everyone.


Getting started is as simple as clicking to book a 30 minute co-parenting consultation.

Get started on successful co-parenting today 

Co-parenting can work for everyone, whatever the reasons for your breakup, however many times conflict has come up, and no matter if your relationship was a marriage or civil partnership; if you both want the best for your children a coach can help you find the way through.


I'm lucky enough to see parents make those breakthroughs every day, and have seen first hand how hard it can be to get the process started; but I've also seen how well it can turn out for everyone when you do. The Co-Parent Coach is here to help you create that new foundation for your family and learn some of the tools and techniques for coping with a big change in all your lives. 


The Co-Parent Coach is based just outside Tampa in Florida, and we mostly work with parents from across the state, but all our classes, coaching, and support groups are held virtually online through Zoom so you can join from anywhere in the US.


Are you ready to learn more? Book a complimentary 30 minute consultation today.

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