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Court Required Co-Parenting Classes

Court approved and required co-parenting classes to finalize divorce

In Florida, and many other States in the US, parents of children under the age of 18 must take a co-parenting class if they file for divorce, and it must be completed before the divorce will be finalized by the court system.

The Family Court system, recognizing the value of successful co-parenting for children, require all parents of children under 18 to complete a Department of Children and Families approved class in co-parenting before a divorce can be finalized. This is generally required to be taken within 45 days of filing for divorce. The class is focused on starting shared or co-parenting the best way possible for your children. 


Held online through Zoom, the Virtual In-Person Co-Parenting Class (VICPC) teaches you the effects divorce can have on a family, particularly how children can react emotionally and behaviorally to their parents moving apart. We look at some of the strategies and tools you can use to reduce co-parenting conflicts, such as ways to fairly balance financial responsibility for your children, recognize stress indicators in them, and create a healthy dual-home environment. 


By focusing on the needs of your children and the importance of keeping them away from co-parent conflicts, you create the best possible outcomes for them, and for each of you as you move into a new phase of your life. 


Department of Children and Families approved virtual co-parenting classes.

Required by Florida Family Courts, and fully approved by the DCF, completing the VICPC class results in a Certificate of Completion which ensures your divorce can be finalized, and that you're on your way to establishing a positive and effective co-parenting relationship. When you attend The Co-Parent Coach classes you can expect;


♾️ An instructor led, DCF approved, curriculum with discussion and skills practice

♾️ Delivered virtually on Zoom so you can participate from the comfort of home

♾️ Doctorate and master’s degree level instructor with counselling and coaching experience

♾️ Small class sizes encouraging participation and interaction

♾️ Money-Back Guaranteed Acceptance by the Florida Family Court system

♾️ Completion certificate emailed immediately on class completion


Though these classes are mandated by the court system, they're also an ideal first step towards life beyond your divorce, letting you focus on your children's future and how you can help ensure the healthiest co-parenting environment for them. 


Classes are available every second and fourth Saturday from 9am to 1pm.

approved virtual co-parenting classes
Virtual co-parenting classes ideal for building co-parent communication

Feedback is always welcome on our co-parent coaching and classes, and the virtual in-person co-parenting class has been highly rated by parents as informative, enjoyable, and greatly beneficial to building a shared or co-parent relationship;

“It was such an amazing experience! I had attended another parenting class in the past before but nothing like this one. Cynthia was so helpful and understanding, and her class was filled with a lot of important information that has made a huge impact in my life as a Mom of two little girls. She has inspired me to become a better Mom!”

- Fryda Arango

Several referring Attorneys and Court Judges have described the course as ideal to enhance co-parents' interpersonal skills, and their understanding of effective ways to communicate with each other and protect children from unhealthy co-parenting behavior or conflicts.


If you'd like to know more about co-parenting classes and what they involve, or if you would just like to book a course of classes and get started as soon as possible.