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Parent Challenges

Meet other people going through the same co-parenting challenges in Chicago.

One of the experiences you hear most often helping co-parents, and their new partners and stepparent, is that of feeling isolated; no one else around you is experiencing the same complicated mixture of emotions and feelings.

Maybe your ex-partner seems to spend all their time making co-parenting as difficult as possible, or you find yourself struggling to support everyone when you begin a new relationship with someone. Or maybe you're in a relationship with someone who already has children and are trying to understand where you fit in; we hear so much about how families are supposed to work, but very little about step-families or co-parenting families. 


It's easy to feel like you're the only one going through this complex and challenging experience, but of course you're not, and you can connect with others having many of the same experiences through one of our support groups. Each group is hosted by an experienced and credentialed group leader who suggests points of discussion and ensures a safe and supportive environment for everyone. 


If you ever feel alone, or lost, or wonder how others make this work, one of our virtual support groups could be the perfect place to share your feelings, connect, learn, and find support from someone who relates with how you feel.


Book to join one of our virtual support groups today.


Support groups for co-parents and their new partners

No matter how isolated your experience may make you feel at times, there's always support, advice, and someone to listen available through our virtual support groups, held online so you can join in from anywhere.

Co-parenting with a difficult or high conflict ex

It's so much easier when both co-parents are working together, but sometimes it's hard for one of you to move forward and get past the feelings left over by a divorce, this support group is for anyone who finds their co-parenting ex regularly creates situations like these;


♾️ Breaking or undermining agreements you both made

♾️ Creating conflicts and problems over small issues

♾️ Avoiding discussing the things that matter to you 

♾️ Threatening you with court if you don't agree to their demands

♾️ Making children feel bad if they enjoy their time with you

♾️ Putting the children in the middle or competing for their love 

step parent

Navigating life as a stepparent

When you start committing long term to a relationship with someone who has children from a previous relationship, it can be really difficult finding your place in a step family; there are lots of uncertainties and every family is different, so it can really help to have others to talk to sharing feelings like;


♾️ Confusion and fear of over-stepping boundaries

♾️ Frustrations of having a lot of responsibility, but very little authority

♾️ Stress and discomfort from being made to feel like a wicked stepparent

♾️ Exhaustion from trying to please everyone

New Life Partner

Supporting your new partner while co-parenting with an ex

If it's hard finding the right balance and communication for co-parenting, it can certainly get more complicated if you begin a new relationship with someone; it's so easy to get overwhelmed or wonder how you can keep everyone happy, members of the group often experience;


♾️ Feeling like you always let someone down no matter what you do

♾️ Feeling like all your attention is on the parents and not the children 

♾️ Feeling exhausted, guilty, stressed, or overwhelmed most of the time

Don't feel alone as you work through step or co-parenting

All our journeys through divorce, co-parenting, step-parenting and new relationships are unique, but there are many shared experiences, feelings, barriers and breakthroughs, and being part of a group connects you to other people going through the same process. Every group is hosted and facilitated by an experienced group leader who can suggest topics of discussion, offer questions, and make sure the group stays focused and an emotionally safe environment for everyone.


All The Co-Parent Coach support groups are held virtually on Zoom, so you can take part from the comfort of your home anywhere in Florida or the rest of the US, and whatever happens with Covid or any other disruptions, our virtual sessions can always continue.

Contact The Co-Parent Coach to learn more about any of the virtual support groups.

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